Autumn / Winter 2013 | LOOK BOOK | VIDEO

“Inspired by self-assured female rockers, this ‘My Heart Love Feminine Rock’ recounts the rock style in a  more glamourous, extravagant and more artistic way. Her own way. ”


Anchalee Vikasitnakakul


ANCHAVIKA’s latest collection for this season is the ensemble of the brand’s masterpieces. The first one is the blouse with diamond-shaped sleeves, the intricate work made from a special padding technique. After the sleeves’ unique pattern is made, various kinds of pads are stitched together with leather hems. This padding technique is one of the brand’s signatures that also presents in the past collection and in almost every product. When used with silk, leather and high quality lace specifically imported for this collection, this special technique is definitely the perfect complement. The second highlight is the prints that always receive great feedbacks in every collection. Since this season’s theme is centered on the rock girl, tattoo prints reign over to reflect confidence, aesthetics and creativity. Tattoos also a kind of art favored by the designer, while the zebra prints appear from time to time as a counterpart.The feminine rock style is infused with colors from black to white, bright yellow, shocking pink and red.  And the miracle is the way the designer curate all masterpieces by making them synchronize altogether in harmony. ANCHAVIKA is not made for beauty and coolness, it is made to make the wearer feel more confident with patterns, since every piece of clothing is specially created to make the wearing look leaner.


This collection’s delicacy is not only reflected through well-chosen quality materials and detailed tailoring but also throught the signature embroidery, which, for this time, centers on the story of a tattooed rocker.  Like an art piece which mirror the mind of its creator, every item in this collection reflects the mood and feelings of a feminine rocker. The feminine embroideries and prints are mixed with chains, pins, skull buttons and tiger head buttons, the brand’s symbol, along with heart-shaped leather pads and metal pins on the nets to create a feminine rocker look in ANCHAVIKA’s way. It is the look of cool, sassy and confident.


Last but not least, ANCHAVIKA’s accessories are the long awaiting highlights specially created to complement every look. This season comes with statement diamond necklaces, cascading necklaces decorated with skulls and diamond tiger heads, colorful diamond rings and tiger head rings.


To sum up, ANCHAVIKA is a unique kind of art with distinctive features, from elegant designs, high quality materials, advanced techniques executed by skilled craftsmen to a lot of time dedicated to create everything like pieces of art. Every element of ANCHAVIKA makes its products more valuable and meaningful. Every piece is timeless and in good taste. This faminine rocker is sophisticated, powerful, strong yet delicate. That is why she stands out from the crowd. This is the feminine rocker in ANCHAVIKA’s way.