Fall / Winter 2015 | LOOK BOOK | VIDEO

Anchavika FW2015, This collection called “In Line”  For this collection refer to the Line that Designer, Khun Ex, Anchalee Vikasidnakhagun just begin with design for satisfying her own unique body tattoo. However, she realized that she fall in love with these tattoo painting, thus the collection has been started. 
The inspiration of this collection is Line that she designs and draws for body tattoo and these impressions bring to decorate on the clothes. She brings tattoo painting to embroider with silk and colorful of braid in various types to be a lace pattern that looks elegance and grandeur as Anchavika’s style. 
The pattern of this collection focus on concave curve shape of Line, such as the shape of bag like a kangaroo’s pouch. Moreover, the signature of Anchavika are stitching padded and complicated of pattern which lots of deep detail that indicative to the value of high attention in each point. Last but not least, the most important thing is the greatest cutting that make all girl looks in good shape and slimmer than they appear.