Romance Rock Winter 2015 | LOOK BOOK | VIDEO

Punk Rock Fashion was founded in the 80s-90s with rock, a hot blast of that era. Women have changed their look from formal sweet lady into the "contrast" which has the artifice and showing their personality such as screening T-shirt, torn jeans, leather jackets and tight leather pants, including tiger printed trousers, leather jackets, military combat boots followed by jewelry like silver-chain bracelets and jackets with pinning in round shape and angular shape. All this reflects the personality of a new generation which they are seeking for independence.


ANCHAVIKA, one of a Thai brand which is avant-garde, cool and mysterious, has decided to pick up the scent of rock fashion in Winter collections 2015 "Romance Rock" which is fully packed with the feminine identity who is confident, avant-garde with a scent of rocker girl, moreover this conceals blandness as feminine by little tactics until it becomes the perfect combination of modern women who look sophisticated, complexity and ingenuity.


The Inspiration

Anchalee Vikasidnakhakul, Managing Director & Designer of ANCHAVIKA described the inspiration as the source of this collection Romance Rock “Because the image ANCHAVIKA that is a brand of confident but concealed with a certain charm and unique. That make me think about ‘a rock girl’ who is so romantic. It became a name of the collection "Romance Rock" a woman in rock style infused with romance like it has never had before.


"Romance Rock" Concept

The concept of Romance and Rock in this collection is like a woman with two personalities which are a strong woman who has a charming mysterious look through the clothes and the materials which look strong and confident. That is an expert style of the brand, such as; long blazer jacket,  denim sleeveless jackets decorated with pins, chain and metal casting in shape of a skull and flowers, single shoulder jumpsuit, low waist skinny and ripped jeans decorated with embroidery, which all has mixed with the scent of a rock before mixing the sweetness of romance and femininity into this, like red rose embroidery or feather fluff to complete the perfect for young girls of ANCHAVIKA and change them into rock magnificently romantic girls.


Into details

The amusement of this Romance Rock collection is that playing with little details of clothing which combines both strong and clear but added more details like romantic. The results are engaging such as a bomber sleeveless jacket decorated with dark feathers, which look cool and swaying or crop top shirt, dress, jumpsuits which arms are in shaped like rose petals, denim jacket and torn artificial jeans decorated with a big red rose embroidered. In addition, there is the fabric patterns that emphasize rock to make it more colorful to the collection like brown striped fabric trimmed with gold stripes vertical leap of red gothic inserted with sweet pink roses or royal tiger print embroidered over with a red rosesappliqué, Culminating in a long evening gown decorated with ornate feather and single shoulder evening dress with rose petals sleeves super Glam which is notable.


Very Unique

Highlight that we need to mention in this new collection is the technique which is used to enhance the rock and insert romance into the garment. The designer opted dark and solid colors as black and fired red for emphasizing dark and use the materials like leather, decorated with silver, gold pins and long silver zipper to add a touch of dark into it. At the same time, the designer created full of romance with newest design rosette sleeves which has a virtual real detail of a layer of rose petals as showing in dress and jumpsuits in the collection. Furthermore, the cutting and sewing of leather mitt, quilting as a unique technique of the brand, also show the predominance in quilting short dresses for Anchavika girls to enjoy personally dressing style.


This is another new dimension of Anchavika to create a new colorful fashion in Falls Winter 2015.